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    APSE Conseil | welcome aboard
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    welcome aboard

    IN squads

    In 2017, ABSIS Council has transformed its organization to implement the concept of SQUAD to offer even more professional development its consultants and expertise to its clients. This is :

    Qu & rsquo; is that & rsquo; a SQUAD ?

    A SQUAD is a consulting community with common skills and driven by the same motivations : develop their technical expertise, methodological or sectoral, constantly improve their knowledge be, cultivate their spirit of service.
    Gateways between SQUAD are favored in order to share expertise and customer experiences.

    What value for ABSIS ?

    This organizational model brings increased value and continually renewed by the sharing of expertise, experiences and skills ABSIS and allows us to offer innovative solutions to our customers.

    What value for ABSIS ?

    The ABSIS will draw more easily their evolutionary journey through experience sharing, the development of collective intelligence and animation or participation as a leader or contributor on topics related to their learning desire.


    Project Organization Manager

    The digital transformation involves respect for fundamental to the success of a project organization ..., communication, team spirit and of course Agility.


    Super Consultant Date

    The Data is the cornerstone of the digital transformation, namely collect, the master and the value is an accelerator of extraordinary business ... and we must also protect and secure.


    Enterprise architect

    Architecture is one of the cornerstones of the digital transformation, IS are increasingly heterogeneous and therefore need to be structured in defined architect ..., ensures the construction of IS and trends.


    Experts and

    The technologies are becoming more numerous and changing very quickly and CIOs need expert application or infrastructure increasingly sharp.
    The organization Squad for exchanging and increasingly enhance these skills. We place a lot of time training, the sharing of experiences, the analysis of our successes and failures to refine expertise and acquire new.

    RQA ™

    The solution RQA ™ developed by ALDEMIA (subsidiary ABSIS Group) based on the RPA solution (Robotic Process Automation) d’UI PATH, an innovative approach in automating Software Qualification by the use of process BUSINESS as a thread Quality of an information system. Whether Test Manager, automaticien, Architect IF you can contribute to the development of this innovative offer.